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Naegleria deaths: desired chlorine level not maintained

Despite tall claims about taking effective measures to keep Naegleria fowleri in check, the civic agencies concerned still have to do a lot of work to save precious lives since a large quantity of water supplied to the city is still shockingly unhealthy and prone to assist the growth of ‘brain-eating’ amoeba,

Water Supply and Sanitation in Pakistan

Drinking water supply and sanitation in Pakistan is characterized by some achievements and many challenges.

WHO guidelines for water contamination

This fourth edition of the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality builds on over 50 years of guidance by WHO on drinking-water quality,

Methods of Water Purification

Water treatment can be defined as any procedure or method used to alter the chemical composition or natural "behavior" of a water supply.

Chlorine in Drinking Water

Exposure to chlorine, hypochlorous acid, and hypochlorite ion through ingestion of household bleach occurs most commonly in children.

Welcome to Mabzi International

Mabzi is the first and the largest water product company in Pakistan. MABZI started its journey in 1983, being the pioneer in water purification and bottling in Pakistan. Mr. Mansoor Raza Zaidi, a power engineer by profession designed the first local water purification system. With hard work and determination the company was able to penetrate its message in a short span of time, “Water is life”.

MABZI also designs and manufactures custom made system engineered plants for specific applications. Our engineers have designed textile, aluminum, electro-plating water recycling units and electronic grade deionization systems.

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